Daniel Murphy Barrister & Solicitor

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The inquiry committee of the Canadian Judicial Council, the regulatory body that oversees the Canadian judiciary, has unanimously recommended that Justice Robin Camp be removed from the bench (http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/justice-robin-camp-rape-trial-inquiry-report-1.3875504).   Although Justice Camp was appointed a judge of the Federal Court in 2015, his actions prompting the review by the […]

Justice Camp: “Knees-together”

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At the end of October, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that a juror (in fact, the jury foreman) in an aggravated sexual assault trial who appeared on a “shock-jock” radio show and made disparaging comments about the criminal justice system and LGBTQ individuals (the accused and complainants in this […]

Justice must be done—and must be seen to be done

So you’ve got the dreaded call, the one that’s depicted in movies with off-kilter camera angles, grungy colour-schemes, and depressed, sheepish characters inducing panic in their previously-calm friends and family members, who naturally drop whatever they are doing to rush to “bail out” their loved ones. It looks simple, obvious […]

Come bail me out! -What you need to know