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The inquiry committee of the Canadian Judicial Council, the regulatory body that oversees the Canadian judiciary, has unanimously recommended that Justice Robin Camp be removed from the bench (   Although Justice Camp was appointed a judge of the Federal Court in 2015, his actions prompting the review by the […]

Justice Camp: “Knees-together”

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At the end of October, the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled that a juror (in fact, the jury foreman) in an aggravated sexual assault trial who appeared on a “shock-jock” radio show and made disparaging comments about the criminal justice system and LGBTQ individuals (the accused and complainants in this […]

Justice must be done—and must be seen to be done

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At the end of October, news broke that five individuals have died since March 2016 while they were being held in custody at the Winnipeg Remand Centre. ( This is extremely alarming. As John Hutton, executive director of the John Howard Society of Manitoba, states, “It’s an indication…that there could […]

Deaths while in custody

This past week Alain Philippon pleaded guilty to hindering border officials for failing to disclose his smartphone password. The case doesn’t officially set precedent about the bounds – or lack of bounds – that border officials enjoy when inspecting people entering Canada but it nevertheless signals a changing legal landscape, and narrowing […]

It’s MY password?!?

From email, to social media, to web histories, to text messages… do any of us ever stop to consider the digital footprint we’re constantly building?   The Ontario Court of Appeal recently released a decision that confines the privacy interests we may have in materials sent to others. R. v. […]

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