Drug Offences

Drug Offences


Daniel Murphy has defended persons charged with drug offences varying from simple possession to substantial drug trafficking of schedule 1 substances. These offences are very serious in nature and even the slightest amount of a schedule 1 substance can result in significant penalties.

It is important that if charged with a serious drug offence that you have experienced counsel to guide you through the criminal proceedings and work with you to obtain the best possible result for your individual case.


Production, Possession and Trafficking of Illegal Drugs

Under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, the production, possession, or trafficking of illegal drugs and other controlled substances can result in arrest and harsh criminal penalties.

Canadian courts are now required to impose minimum sentences of imprisonment for certain drug offences which vary greatly and have aggravating factors that can increase these minimums.

Regardless of the substance involved or the purpose of possession, a conviction on even minor drug charges can have profound effects on your life for years to come, particularly when it comes to your ability to travel or obtain employment.


‘Trafficking’ can be anything from selling to simply giving someone a drug. Sharing an illegal drug with another person is trafficking.

‘Possession’ is often thought of as holding a drug or having it on one’s person. However, Possession can include Joint Possession. In that type of case, one person holding a drug with the knowledge, consent, and assisted control of others makes all parties guilty of an offence.

‘Production’ not only includes the person actually cultivating the drugs, but can also attach to the owner of a property who knowingly allows others to use that location to produce illegal drugs, or to those who assist in any way above and beyond the actual act of production.